Terry Fox Secondary eNews - December 6, 2019    
School Calendar

Dec 2nd - Staff Meeting Schedule
Dec 4th - Winter Ball
Dec 6th - Pro D Day
Dec 11th - PAC Meeting
Dec 12th - Winter Music Concert
Dec 18th - After Grad Meeting, Library, 7:00pm
Dec 20th - Last Day of Classes before Winter Break
Jan 4th-5th - Legacy Bottle Drive
Jan 6th - School Re-Opens
Jan 8th - PAC Meeting
Jan 9th - Grade 8 Parent Evening, Theatre
Jan 9th-11th - Legal Beagle
Jan 13th - Staff Meeting Schedule
Jan 14th-16th - Rock The Fox
Jan 17th - Last Day of Scheduled Classes For Semester 1
Jan 20th-24th - Provincial Numeracy and Literacy Assessments
Jan 22nd - Provincial English 12 E-Exam
Jan 22nd - After Grad Meeting, Library 7:00pm
Jan 23rd - Provincial Communications 12 E-Exam
Jan 24th - Tour De Fox (Afternoon)
Jan 27th - Pro D Day
Jan 28th - First Day of Classes For Semester 2
Jan 29th - Final Report For Semester 1

Winter Weather Ahead

Schools are not routinely closed due to snow or other inclement weather conditions. All schools in School District 43 (Coquitlam) will remain OPEN, if possible, during winter weather, including snowfall.  However, on occasion, a district-wide or partial-district closure is required due to extreme weather. Partial-district closures affecting individual schools may occur due to the very different geography within our school district.  If there is a partial-district closure affected schools will be identified. The decision on schools remaining open or needing to be closed, because of extreme weather, occurs before 6:30 a.m. so that families can plan and make alternate arrangements.

Any district-wide or partial-district closure will be decided and communicated by 6:30 a.m. via the School District 43 website www.sd43.bc.ca and CKNW AM 980 radio, CKWX 1130 radio and CBC (690) radio. 

Extreme weather can also impact transit. Transit schedules may face significant changes or cancellations due to the weather conditions. Parents seeking information on transit schedules need to consult the Translink website: http://www.translink.ca/

While the District tries to make the best decision with the information available, the weather does change quickly. Therefore, when schools remain open, decisions to stay at home during challenging weather conditions should be made by each family. We encourage families to continuously check the School District 43 website for updates and changes: www.sd43.bc.ca

Learn more about SD43's process for emergency and inclement weather status updates at: http://www.sd43.bc.ca/NewsEvents/Pages/EmergencyInformation.aspx

Winter Ball - December 4th 2019

Winter Ball Tickets are on sale for Grade 11 and 12 students. At this time, there are no outside guests permitted. Please make sure your child has completed and submitted their expectation form before ticket sales commence. Additionally, students are reminded of the following:

  • Student Activity Fees must be paid before students are able to purchase a ticket.
  • Students are expected to attend all classes on the day of the ball.
  • At all times the rules of good conduct and etiquette outlined in the School’s Code of Conduct must be followed.
  • Any student who has consumed alcoholic beverages, drugs, or is otherwise impaired, (or is in the possession of the above), will not be permitted to enter or remain.
  • Any student who leaves the dance prior to the official ending will not be permitted to re-enter.

It is our sincere hope that all students will enjoy a safe, enjoyble and fun evening.

Grad 2020 Yearbook Comments Online Are Due

Every year the graduates have the opportunity to write a yearbook comment that will be displayed with their grad picture in the yearbook. We are asking the students to submit those comments online here. There is a link to the signup on the front of our website. The only way a graduate can have a comment printed in the yearbook is if they submit one.

Students are reminded of the following considerations when writing their graduation comments: It is one of the last opportunities to say something important, to thank people or to inspire those around you. Comments should be forward thinking and/or reflective. ​Please be mindful and respectful of others and one's self​. Comments must uphold the School and District Code of Conducts. Quotations need to be correctly cited and referenced and no emojis will be printed. 

If a comment is deemed to be inappropriate, disrespectful &/or offensive, the comment will not be published. Thank you for your understanding and support.   

 All comments MUST be submitted no later than DECEMBER 14th, 2019.  

Legacy Bottle Drive - January 4th 2020

This is a message to our Terry Fox Community about the Grad Legacy Bottle Drive. Please save your empties, including pop cans,  beer cans, plastic bottles and/or wine bottles. Support the Terry Fox Project 2020 water filters and bees!

Two options for donations:

  • Leave bottles outside and we will pick them up 9:00am-12:00noon or
  • Drop them off at Terry Fox Secondary at 1260 Riverwood Gate between 9:00am-12:00noon.

Thank You To Student and Parent Volunteers at the Craft Fair

The After Grad Committee would like to send out a huge "Thank You" to all the Staff, Students and Parent Volunteers who gave their time to the Craft Fair on and leading up to Nov 2. We had many compliments on how polite and helpful our Terry Fox Students were.  We could not have done it without your help.

GRADE 12 Parents - It's After Grad Planning Time!

What is After Grad? 

This is an alcohol and drug free event at Terry Fox Secondary School which follows the grads formal Dinner/Dance June 6-7, 2020. It provides our students with a safe environment to continue their celebrations between midnight and 5:00am.

This event provides graduating students with food, music, entertainment and gifts. It culminates with a hypnotist show and the presentation of prizes at the end of the evening. To win prizes, students must remain in attendance until the end of the event. Students are encouraged to stay throughout the event and are not permitted to come and go at will.

To stage this memorable evening, the Parents After Grad Committee must raise approximately $35,000 through fundraisers such as Cash Raffle Nov- Feb - , donating bottles/cans to Biggar Bottle Depot throughout the school year, Pub Night, Bottle Drive and Community Donations. For all these fundraisers to be a success, parent and student volunteers are necessary.

The Parent After Grad Committee meets throughout the school year, on the 3rd Wednesday of each month for about an hour to plan this huge event.

We are calling out to all Grade 12 Parents to help with various jobs and tasks for the After Grad Event. Decorating plans start Jan/ Feb, 2020 and help the day before the event to transform the school is needed. Various Parent help is needed at the After Grad for security, manning each activity, drawing and handing out prizes, helping with the food table at the event and a cleanup crew for the end of the night. We ask that Grade 12 Parents please use the email listed below if you can help in anyway and to receive a callout for help when needed and information on upcoming events.   

Please watch the e-news and Terry Fox App to keep up to date on what is happening! Your support is important to the success of the event and is very much appreciated!

If you have any questions, please contact:


Important Dates For Students Choosing Post-Secondary Schools

Nov 19th - Waterloo University visit (flex in the library)
Nov 20th  - SFU Evening
Nov 22nd
- University of Alberta (flex library computer lab)
Nov 22nd - McGill University (Room 229 at lunch)

Forms And More Information

Student Registration Form
Medical Alert Form
Career Centre, Volunteer Opportunities, Scholarship Info
Burke Mountain Bus Information
Volunteer Package
Terry Fox App
Emergency Release Form

Terry Fox Secondary Administration and Counsellors

Terry Fox Administration

Mr. David Starr - Principal (dstarr@sd43.bc.ca)
Ms. Britt Walton  - Vice-Principal - students A-G (bwalton@sd43.bc.ca)
Ms. Rissa Wilson - Vice -Principal - students H-N (rwilson@sd43.bc.ca)
Mr. Dave Phelan - Vice-Principal - students O-Z (dphelan@sd43.bc.ca)

Counselling Department

Ms. Rhonda Trunkfield - students A-H (rtrunkfield@sd43.bc.ca)
Mr. Rich Chambers - students I-Q (rchambers@sd43.bc.ca)
Ms. Karen Edgell - students R-Z(kedgell@sd43.bc.ca)

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